Premium LED Dog Safety Collar

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Did you know that in the US alone approximately 7,000,000 dogs and cats are killed on the roads each year? Keep your furry loved ones safe with this Premium LED Dog Collar! This collar is designed to keep your dogs safe, seen, and protected during the day and night!

Are you having trouble walking your dogs at night? Our Premium LED Dog Collar is perfect for walks after sundown, or for letting the dogs out at night to play. You can quickly spot your pup in the back yard at night to make sure they are okay! This collar is also perfect to bring your dogs camping! 

Voted One Of The Best Safety Dog Collars on the market, we guarantee you'll LOVE this! 


Products like this are usually NOT sold in stores. For the first time ever we have them available to the public for only a LIMITED time! Get yours NOW!

Our Dog Collars are made from a HIGH-QUALITY material! 


  • Steady flash, slow flash, and fast flash modes.
  • 80 hour replaceable battery life.
  • 100,000 hour LED life
  • Water Proof
  • Can be seen up to 1000 feet in the dark.
  • Batteries included
  • LED light band can be removed to wash the collar separately. 


S:  Width 2.5CM(0.98Inch)   Length  35~43CM(13.8~16.9Inch)

M: Width 2.5CM(0.98Inch)   Length  40~48CM(15.7~16.9Inch)

L:  Width  2.5CM(0.98Inch)   Length  45~52CM(17.7~20.5Inch)

XL:Width  2.5CM(0.98Inch)  Length  52~60CM(20.5~23.6Inch)

Perfect Solution For Spotting Your Dogs At Night, While Camping and Everyday Use.

Not sold in stores! Get Your Now Before They Are Gone Forever!

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